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Backflow Prevention | Commercial Plumbing Fixtures

Backflow Prevention / Cross Connection Control

Backflow Prevention devices are required everywhere there is a potential of water cross contamination. This includes medical, water services, fire protection, and many more locations. RBA Mechanical is your local expert on all applications and sizes of Backflow prevention devices.

Check out this Backflow Brochure by EPCOR

Our services include:

  • flat rate, per-device testing
  • device failure diagnostics
  • device repairs, installs & replacements
  • reduced rates for multiple device tests
  • reduced Contract rates
  • Contractor pricing

* Tested and Repaired by a Certified Backflow Tester & Repair Specialist

Contact us today to get a quote on a new installation, or to test your backflow prevention devices.

You can purchase your backflow testing through our online store, by clicking here.

It’s the Law. Click here to understand more about cross connections.

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