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The Hydronic Fluid

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The backbone of all hot water heating systems

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The fluid flowing in your hydronic hot water heating system is generally the most neglected component in the system and yet, it’s responsible for transferring the heat throughout the system to heat your home or building. It operates the same as the blood in your body.

The effects of poor hot water heat transfer fluid are:

  • poor heat conductivity
  • reduced heat output capacity
  • poor circulation
  • system bacteria
  • acidic (low ph) fluid
  • corrosion on the inside of pipes, valves, and other components
  • deteriorates the piping joints causing leaks
  • plugs up pipes, pumps & components causing flow issues
  • the boiler works harder increasing maintenance and operating costs
  • the system will become noisy
  • will cause premature and frequent component failures
  • Bacteria

The hydronic fluid is most important component in your hydronic heating system, and should be lab tested annually to ensure clean healthy transfer fluid.

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