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Air Conditioning Maintenance & Troubleshooting services.

We service, repair, and sell multiple air conditioning and air filtration systems for both Residential and Commercial customers.

We have over 80 years of combined experience, both in “old school” technologies and in current high tech developments.

  • central air conditioners
  • wall mount ductless air conditioners
  • mua systems
  • air filtration equipment & systems

Need your air conditioner replaced? Or looking at a new installation? Give us a call to book your free estimate.

Air conditioner not working right?

A good cleaning goes a long way. When you call RBA Mechanical, you will receive our premium ac service, including:

  • our deep cleaning service that gets deep inside the equipment 
  • our filter service to ensure the best air flow possible
  • if needed, our refrigerant charging service to make sure your equipment has the proper charge to cool efficiently
  • troubleshooting & diagnostic services

Equipment not properly cleaned, serviced and maintained plugs up with pollutants and restricts air flow. Compressors can freeze up, overheat, or not cool at all if not tuned and charged correctly, causing discomfort on hot days, the power bill to escalate, poor indoor air quality, and costly compressor or other component failures.  

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