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Snow Melt


September – Alma A, Sherwood Park

This is a nice thin slab snow melt system we did for a home in Sherwood Park. It is a walkway at the rear of the home towards a hot tub solarium. The clients wanted to be able to heat the walkway so they could walk out from their games room to their hot tub in the winter.

This space is located under the radiant heated solarium addition of the house, which is located off the walkway. It was an unusable space in the winter due to the cold. So for a little extra tubing, we added floor heating to this space.

We installed tubing over top existing concrete for the walkway and this space under the solarium, and poured a thin concrete slab on top.

These photos show the heated tubes in action, as they melt the snow.

Our client had existing floor heating in the home and the garage, with a heated driveway. After sizing the added snowmelt, we were able to use the existing boiler. We added controls so the client can turn their walkway or solarium heating on at will.

Now that the space under the solarium is heated, they added a patio set to the space, and is now a sun room.

We love it! No more ice damming at the hot tub & solarium doors. And warm feet going to the hot tub!

Alma A

In 2014, we installed tubes in the floor for Alma’s solarium addition to the house. We also added makeup air, and a ductless ac unit. It also sports a natural gas fireplace, cooktop, exhaust fan and a MARVEL bar fridge. We integrated all the HVAC equipment for the solarium, for excellent comfort & indoor air quality.

There was already good capacity from the boiler, so no boiler upgrade was required.

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