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Hydronics / Pipefitting

The Edmonton Westin Hotel

2000 to Current (2020)

We have completed many services and projects at the Westin to date, but here is a list of the most notable projects.

2017Installed variable frequency drives (VFDs) for the 2 main system pumps. This improved energy efficiency and maximized heating output.
2015Re-piped 12 heating & DHW boilers to primary / secondary piping strategy. At this same time, we upgraded the heating controls. This dramatically improved heat transfer and efficiency by 30% within 6 months.
201310 years after our last mechanical inspection, we were called in again to assess the current condition of 14 heating and DHW boilers. They were in very poor condition, and every boiler failed safety and operational inspections. We completed all the required repairs and got those 14 boilers working properly and safely.
2009-2018Completed backflow testing and repairs on all the devices.
2003Completed full mechanical inspection and operational procedure manuals on entire heating & domestic hot water systems.
2000Replaced pneumatic compressors and air driers.

Up next: Mechanical Room Renovations

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