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Backflow Projects

Though we complete hundreds of backflow tests annually for many different clients, this list is the most notable of our backflow projects.

2009 to Present (2020)

Edmonton Hospital

Annual Backflow testing and repairs of 40 backflow devices ranging in size from 1/2” to 10”. This has included some big repairs over the years due to water main breaks, and sever water hammer damage.

Analysis of device failures is crucial in facilities. Over the years, we’ve implemented many procedures to help minimize device failures due to damage.

In 2013, the administration of the hospital, hired another backflow contractor to do the annual testing. They caused over $20,000 in damages and mis-diagnosis of testing results and failures. The hospital called us in to complete the repairs, and re-test all their devices. They continue to use our services to this day.


Peace River Solids Waste Plant

Installed new 4” RP backflow device with welded stainless steel pipe, for the water service.

2013 to Present (2020)

Edmonton HVAC Contractor

Annual testing and repairs of over 20 backflow devices for all the business chains they look after, ranging in size from 1/2” to 4”.


Scotia Banks, Central Alberta

Compliance site inspections of backflow devices, including device testing, at all central Alberta locations.

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