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Air Conditioning Service

Edmonton & Area Air Conditioning Service Repairs & Installs

Air Conditioning service including tuneups and repairs in Edmonton and Sherwood Park

Air Conditioning Servivce tuneups

A good cleaning goes a long way. So when you call RBA Mechanical for your air conditioning service, you will receive our premium cleaning service. Including deep cleaning of both your indoor evaporator and your outdoor condensor.

As well, our Pros can diagnose your air conditioner when it isn’t working. Including leak detection and component replacements. Not to mention our refrigerent charging service to make sure you have the correct amount of refrigerant needed for cooling.

Throughout the season, your air conditioner plugs up on the inside which restricts air flow. Not to mention your air conditioner can freeze up or stop working all together. And, of course, pollen and poplar fuzz are very common in our area and will plug up an air conditioner very fast. Not to mention that plugged furnace filter can stop any air conditioner from cooling.

plugged air conditioner
needs air conditioning service
plugged furnace filter

Click here to order your AC service online today or give is a call at 780-474-7481 to book your service over the phone.

New Air Conditioner Installs and Replacements

When you are looking for a new air conditioner install or want to replace your existing system, RBA Mechanical has the right equipment for you. Our Pros can properly size your air conditioning system for that perfect cooling feel. In addition to your new air conditioning system, we install Apco in-duct ultra violet lamps and air filters to improve your quality of indoor air. Learn more about our AC & UV Lamp offer.

Our air conditioner unit of choice is the Payne air conditioner brand. Equally important, is our ductless wall mount air conditioner units for those homes or businesses that are looking for good solid room cooling.

air conditioner install
outdoor air conditioner for wall mount unit
ductless wall mount air conditioning unit

Request your free estimate online, or give us a call at 780-474-7481.

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