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In a Pandemic, Grow your Own Carrots

Here is a little something not related to business, but I just have to say.

So these days, people are talking about growing your own foods, your own produce, even doing your own hunting for meat. Well, to me this sounds a lot like Farming. And absolutely no disrespect to any Farmer, as I fully understand and appreciate their hard work and what it takes to “Farm” and to get the food to the grocery store.

Growing produce in my backyard is no different then life on the Farm.

Not for Me!

I discovered quite young that farming was definitely not for me.  Every summer when I was young, we would wind up at my Aunt & Uncles farm for a week. 

  • Picking berries?  sounded great, until I found out you had to deal with all the nasty bugs first.  And there were a dozen rows of berries to pick, or they’d go bad.
  • Feeding the cows & chickens?  ok, didn’t sound too bad, until I lost my shoes in the muck crossing over to the chicken pen.
  • Milking the cows?  never worked for me until the one time I ended up with a face full of cow milk. 

How about fresh farm food?  Sounds great!

  • you get fresh cow meat to eat… Great!  until the 1st time I woke up in the morning and walked into the basement bathroom where I was nicely surprised by a dead cow in the bath tub.  I’ll take my fresh beef from the licensed meat market, thank you very much.
  • fresh range chickens… Awesome, except we had to pluck, clean & gut our own chickens!  And don’t forget the “sack” inside.  And, yes, the first few times I did this, I broke the sack and ended up an absolute mess, and the chickens were no good to eat.  And don’t mention the plucking of the feathers.  I truly hated dealing with wet sticky feathers, and worse, if we didn’t get the whole feather, we ended up with prickly chicken to eat.
  • your own garden fresh vegetables… plowing seeds in the hot sun, baking for days or weeks as you deal with bugs and weeds, sweaty as you picked the vegetables that were good for eating.  Sorry, but I love my grocery store where it is cool and bug-free in the produce section.

And don’t forget the smells of the pig pen, decay, manure, dead bugs & the constant smell of fermenting animal from the basement. 

Oh, how I love my grocery store!

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