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Hand Sanitizer below retail cost

Available to Edmonton and Sherwood Park
residents & businesses

FREE Delivery on orders over $100.00

Hand hygiene is an important part of the world wide response to preventing the spread of Covid-19. Maintaining clean hands is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infections and reduce the risk of getting sick.

The alcohol based hand sanitizer is a liquid W H O formulation (not a gel) and is Health Canada approved.

We also sell in 10 Ltr bottle sizes (spigot included).
(Availability is based on production).

👉 NEW: 4 Ltr bottles with hand pump is now available. Get 1) empty 4 Ltr bottle with purchase of a 10 Ltr bottle.

$0.02 / ml based on available bottle sizes
$210 / 10 ltr bottle (includes spigot) (Free 5 pack 3-ply face masks)
$95 / full 4 ltr bottle with hand pump

FREE delivery on orders over $100.00. (under $100.00, $10 delivery fee)
Free 3-ply face masks with all orders over $100 (while supplies last)

Contact us to place your order, or click here to place an online order.

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