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RBA Mechanical Radiant Heating Designs
RBA Mechanical provides premium quality and efficient radiant & snow melt Designs that meet our Hydronic Heating Code.

Radiant Designs are required for any new installation or renovation to a radiant system, and with RBA Mechanical, are completed by senior experienced designers only.

Our designs meet code requirements, and are guaranteed to work by Uponor Radiant Heating, the Manufacturer of our radiant heating materials.

A radiant heating or snow melt System is an investment in long term. Our designs, and materials used, are meant to provide decades of efficient and long lasting life and to outlast the structure. Any design less then this may cause expensive repairs, redoes or renovations within only a few years from initial installation. The more accurate design, the more efficient the system.

At RBA Mechanical, we have experienced many clients with radiant systems with either no design done or poor designs, which have caused poor operating conditions. Many have had to do major repairs within only 3-5 years from install date.

The more accurate and detailed your information about your home, the more accurate and efficient your design will be. Some basic information needed includes:
- the areas / rooms where you want Radiant Heating or snow melt.
- floor dimensional drawings in AutoCAD format
- placements of windows & doors
- insulation R values of walls, windows, ceilings, etc.

Other details include:
- how many heating zones (areas) you want
- if you want the boiler to run your domestic hot water
- if you are wanting snow melt
- if there is any possibility of adding heated areas at a later time.

Click on the links below for more information, then call RBA Mechanical to get your radiant design completed. Radiant Designs can range from 1 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on size and complexity of system.

Radiant Designs start as low as $350
Uponor.ca |
Canadian Hydronics Council.ca
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Jim 2016

I bought my house over a year ago, it's heated with radiant heating. I found out I was only the second owner of the house, and that it was RBA Mechanical who did the radiant design and installation 12 years ago. The design is so good that I heat my 3200 sq foot house plus my garage with only $100 on average a month! The quality of the work was so good, equipment still works in good condition with only basic maintenance.
When I initially called them a few months ago, I was really impressed that they still had the original installer, and he remembered everything about the system he put in!