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RBA Mechanical is your source for Radiant Hot Water Heating Systems in residential homes and commercial shops & businesses.

We specialize in all the required procedures from the Radiant Design phase to the Installation or Repair phase. This includes renovations for existing homes or commercial buildings. 

Our specialists work on all aspects of your radiant heat system, from the radiant tubing & manifolds to the controls & zoning to the hydronic fluid and to the boiler itself. 

We use high grade, high efficent materials & equipment that is energy-star rated, and we are your Uponor Pro Advantage Dealer for radiant heat systems.

Only RBA Mechanical offers discount options to meet every budget.

We offer many services relating to radiant heating systems.

- New Installations
- Retrofits, Renovations, or Upgrades
- Upgrades and Repairs
- Hydronic Services- Controls Installation & Commissioning Service
- Assessments

Radiant Heating & Snow Melt Systems

Repairs:    What's wrong with my heating system?  

Now that's a big question, but we have the answers and solutions that work to repair your residential radiant system, or your apartment or business hot water heating system.

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Whether it's a radiant heat system not installed quite right or not looked after for awhile, circulating the same glycol mixture for many years, or utilizing old out-dated equipment and parts does tend to result in big headaches and many problems.  A radiant system is actually no different then a car.  You have huge problems when you use the same oil year after year without replacing it, or changing the tires with old worn out tires because they were "cheap" to buy, or not replacing your spark plugs or filters regularly.  A radiant system works that way.

All those big headaches and problems are fixable, and RBA Mechanical can help.  We diagnose your problem;  we understand your problem; we know why you have the problem;  and we FIX your problem.

But, as with anything containing more then one component (like your car), one problem could be the cause of another problem, which caused a different problem, that was the result of a failed component. In cases like these, we will complete the repair work in stages. Solving one problem at a time. Whether it's fixing the boiler first, replacing the fluid, then checking the pumps, then installing new zone controls, etc. This is the only way to solve your heating problems for good.