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It's Spring Maintenance Time!
Your air conditioning system needs to be cleaned and serviced properly every spring. This includes:
✔️ central air systems
✔️ wall mount units
✔️ rooftop units
✔️ makeup air systems

Equipment not properly cleaned, serviced and maintained annually plugs up with pollutants and restricts air flow. Compressors can freeze up, overheat, or not cool at all if not tuned and charged correctly.

This causes discomfort on hot days, the power bill to escalate, compressors to freeze-up, poor indoor air quality, and costly compressor or other component failures.

When you call RBA Mechanical for your spring maintenance, you'll receive our premium tuneup service, including:

✔️ our deep cleaning service that gets deep inside the equipment
✔️ our filter service to ensure the best air flow possible
✔️ our refrigerant charging service to make sure your equipment has the proper charge to cool efficiently
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Free 230 gram pkg of ground Cuban Coffee with every spring maintenance until May 30th
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