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Inadequate, incomplete or insufficient servicing may result in operational problems with your mechanical equipment & systems that could lead to equipment damage, an accident or personal injury.

Maintenance is a routine service that is done on your mechanical equipment to ensure correct and efficient operation.  Specific types of services are required by Manufacturers to ensure that there is only normal usage and wear on your equipment.  This allows the product warranty on your equipment to remain valid.  Installation warranties may also require a certain type or frequency of maintenance tuneups to ensure the equipment is operating in the manner it was designed and manufactured for.

- It saves energy and that saves you money. 
- It can help avoid costly surprise repairs. 
- Can extend the life of your system. 
- Your system will operate safely and at it's peak efficiency. 
- It will ensure maximum comfort in your home, shop or building.  

As your mechanical equipment is used (right from the installation date), there is wear and tear happening throughout your mechanical systems all the time. 

- For hydronic systems (including radiant and snow melt), there is a constant flow of fluid passing through valves, pumps, piping, filtration systems, and your boiler, that could start to break down chemically (or debris or turbidity gets into the fluid system).  Other such problems that could easily occur include:

- the boiler going out of "alignment",
- the natural gas pressures fluctuate (within your system, or as the gas comes in from the meter),
- valves begin to leak,
- control sensors go out of "alignment",
- flue gas condensation may occur,
- heat exchangers get dirty,
- things are lying around the mechanical room that just shouldn't be there and knocking equipment out of "balance", and much more. 
- And of course, you will always have the  "touchy" people who always need to know how everything works but always knocking equipment or control settings out of "balance". 

Contrary to the belief that your system is newly installed and you can now forget about it, the lack of performing maintenance annually may void any or all your warranties.  Manufacturers will not warrant equipment failures if neglected or proper procedures were not followed.  So, why would you spend your hard earned money on new mechanical equipment only to void your warranties by not looking after your equipment?

RBA Mechanical performs a wide variety of maintenance services for various types and applications of mechanical equipment.

Here is an example of some maintenance services we perform:
- Cleaning of boiler heat exchangers & firebrick inspections
- Furnace services & tune-ups & Cooling coil cleaning & repairs
- Infrared tube or tile heater cleaning
- Boiler operation & control tuneups. Control test n' tunes
- Fluid analysis & chemical treatments & Hydronic Fluid cleaning
- Corrosion prevention & Filter Replacements
- System control upgrades, Make-up Air & Roof Top Servicing
- Backflow testing, - Plumbing fixture repairs
and more...

RBA Mechanical knows what maintenance services are needed to keep your system, in whole and in part, operating and operating efficiently.

We can look after your maintenance needs as required, annually, semi-annually, with or without contracts. The choice is yours based on your comfort level.

Examples of No Maintenance: