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Hydronic Heat Transfer Fluid

The hydronic fluid in a hot water heating system tends to be one of the most ignored components in a mechanical system, yet it is one of the most important.  The hydronic fluid is hidden inside pipes, assuming it is doing it's job.  It is not always seen, but is always there, flowing through your pipes, the boiler, the pumps, the valves...

Clean and healthy hydronic fluid prevents corrosion and transfers the heat evenly and smoothly.

Bad hydronic fluid causes equipment corrosion, eating its way through the valves, the pumps, the piping... It slows down the heat transfer throughout the system, particles and small pieces of debris start to form in the fluid clogging valves and pumps.  If you have glycol, the glycol breaks down providing next to no freeze protection.  And if  left long enough, the fluid will decay and create a "bacteria" in the system.  When bacteria is in the fluid, the fluid becomes a thick brown & slimy concoction.

This is where we come in.  RBA Mechanical specializes in hydronic heating systems, and we can effectively clean your fluid and kill off any bacteria found in the fluid.   We take lab samples and provide you with the actual chemical analysis of your fluid, both before and after our Flush & Purge Service.  With this detailed analysis and reporting, you can always know the condition of the hydronic fluid and it's effectiveness.

We use only "new" high grade Environment Friendly Treatments & Glycol's, and our lab results are done by a Chemical Specialist who actually makes heat transfer fluids. 

Call RBA Mechanical today to inspect the hydronic fluid in your system.

A look inside the heating system...

Acidic fluid, corrosion, bacteria & plugged components are some signs of a hazardous fluid condition requiring immediate attention.

Bad heat transfer fluid is a very poor conductor of heat, cannot flow through the piping system properly (if at all), and causes all sorts of compenents to fail or break.  Call now.