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Hydronics - Hot Water Heating Systems

RBA Mechanical is your source for hydronic hot water heating systems, including radiant heat systems, for residential homes, commercial shops & businesses, facilities, pools, and much more. 

We service, replace and repair all equipment components found in a hot water heating system, including, but not limited to:
     - Boilers & DHW Systems      
     - Indirect Fired Water Heaters & Storage Tanks   
     - Pumps & Motors
     - Make-Up Air Systems             
     - Controls & Control Systems
     - Zone Controls & Valves
     - Heat Transfer Fluid & Filtration Systems

We complete all types of services to ensure your comfort during those cold frigid days.
     - Assessment Reports, Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
     - Cleaning & Inspections                                  
     - Repairs & Replacements
     - Maintenance                                                  
     - Control Calibration Services
     - Boiler Startup Procedures
     - Pipe Delivery Systems - Primary / Secondary, Injection, Hybrid
     - Heat Transfer Fluid - Inspections, Cleaning, Flush & Purge, Corrosion Prevention

We use high grade, high efficient materials & equipment that is energy-star rated.  

We are environment friendly and properly dispose of all old parts, equipment and heat transfer fluids.  

Only RBA Mechanical offers discount options and service plans to meet your budget. 

Replacements or New Installations?

Our Favorite Brand


NY Thermal Boilers
NY Thermal Boilers (Trinity boilers), are our second best choice for high efficient boilers.   Not just for quality, but Customer Service & Technical Support with NY Thermal is very good.  Trinity boilers are our second choice for everyday Residential & Commercial applications needing a good reliable hi efficient appliance.

Eco King Boilers & Indirect Fired Water Heaters
Our best favorite appliances.  These high efficient boilers come complete with the boiler control, expansion tank, pump & other compenents built in saving alot of extra cost.  Besides the built in compenents, they are more cost efficient to purchase versus other major brands, and they are a very good quality product.

A display of neglected equipment & no maintenance.

Corrossion, bacteria, & plugged coils are all just some signs indicating a lack of efficient operation requiring repairs and a good overhaul.

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