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When it comes to diagnostics and repair services for hydronic heating systems, RBA Mechanical is your local choice for accurate diagnostics, problem solving solutions and exceptional customer service.

As RBA Mechanical has specialized in hydronic heating systems for 20 years, we have both the knowledge and experience to service your equipment and provide you with solutions that cure problems.

Our policy on repairs & service is simple: bandade solutions do not work with hydronic heating systems. Having different technicians every time working on different sections of a hydronic system does not work. Whether it's different employees from the same company, or different companies, It creates chaos in the system, and after a short while no one knows what the other hand has been doing. This always ends up with a conflicting or failing mechanical system.

There are too many components, too many parts, equipment is intricate, and the system itself is delicate. Every part needs to run correctly and efficiently to maintain a hydronic system and ensure sound & efficient operation.

This is why at RBA Mechanical, you will always get the same Technician, every time. We know hydronic systems inside and out.

We know how equipment is supposed to operate together, we know how the controls need to be configured, we know how to keep equipment running smoothly, we know the importance of healthy fluid, and we know the electrical side to the equipment to ensure safe operations.

Whether you have an industrial plant, commercial building, or a residential home, RBA Mechanical knows how to repair and service all sizes of hydronic heating & snow melt systems.

Whether it's only a valve problem, a boiler not working right, a pump failure, or any other failing component in your system, book online now, or call RBA Mechanical today to book your service appointment.