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Like the fluid in the hydronic system, the pipe fitting is another highly over looked component to the hydronic system.

At RBA Mechanical, a good portion of our efficiency solutions are the pipe fitting techniques.

Improper piping can cause premature component failures, pumping issues, insufficient heating or dhw demands, temperature fluctuations, and flow issues.

RBA Mechanical has the experience and knowledge to know what piping techniques work the best to ensure proper flow, component longevity, smooth flow and temperature distribution, and excellent efficiency levels.

Our clients have included, but not limited to, condo buildings, schools, hotels, motels, power plants, shops, apartments, high rise buildings, and residential homes.

One hotel in Edmonton, is using our piping & pumping techniques for both their heating & DHW as their model for the rest of their chain hotels. By simply repiping both systems to a more efficient pattern, their energy costs dropped by nearly 1/2.

Anyone with a hydronic heating system looking to correct or improve overall system efficiency needs to book online now or call RBA Mechanical to book your assessment.

RBA Mechanical re-piped our heating and dhw, and we saved so much energy cost, we will continue to use RBA mechanical for all heating needs.
Jay - 2016

Our condo building had so much flow problems, couldn't heat some of the condos and boilers just kept tripping off all the time. RBA Mechanical came up with a new piping strategy and all our flow problems went away. We will be renewing our 3rd 3-year service contract with them next year.
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