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Furnace Repairs & Replacements:

RBA Mechanical is your source for comfort heating systems for residential homes, commercial shops & businesses, facilities, pools, and much more. 

We can replace your old broken down furnace any time during the year as installations are not season-specific.  We replace furnace systems during the winter, spring and summer, as well as during the most common fall months.  We also make sure you have the proper combustion air and return air installed for the safe operation of your furnace. 

RBA Mechanical installs high efficient furnaces.

We complete all types of services to ensure your comfort during those cold frigid days.

- Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
- Filter Replacements
- Cleaning & Inspections
- Repairs
- Replacements

We use high grade, high efficent materials & equipment that is energy-star rated.  We are environment friendly and properly dispose of all old sheet metal and furnaces.  

Only RBA Mechanical offers discount options to meet every budget. 

Payne Furnaces 

Payne equipment is very good quality product for a reasonable price. They're not overly too expensive like some other "name" brands, but definetly not a "cheap" product. Payne equipment is our favorite choice for the everyday budgets looking for a good quality furnance.

Our Favorite Brand


Replacements or New Installations?