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Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems: 

RBA Mechanical is your source for many energy saving solutions, including Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems. 

A drain water heat recovery unit is installed on your plumbing stack.  When hot shower water (or hot water from your sinks, dishwasher or washing machine) is run, it flows down the drain past the heat recovery unit.  As this hot water flows down the plumbing stack, it pre-heats water that is flowing in from your water heating source.  This pre-heated water then returns to your water heating source using far less energy to heat your water.

Drain water heat recovery systems uses no energy.  It saves energy and can be installed in any application where a plumbing stack (or stacks) are located.  Any water heating source can be used such as a water heater, indirect fired water heater, domestic hot water boiler, etc.  Such applications include, but are not limited to:

- residential homes
- apartments & condos
- businesses & shops
- hospitals and other facilites

Once installed by us, your heat recovery system requires no or very little maintenance. 

All drain water units are sized based on your existing plumbing stack. 

Call RBA Mechanical now to install a drain water heat recovery unit. 

Green Energy!

"In our family, only 1 person was able to have a 10 min shower until we ran out of hot watre, then we always had to wait at least 1/2 hr before the next person could go in.  With our new recovery unit, we have almost 25 min of hot shower water!  We havn't even tried more then that yet... we're so glad we had it installed by RBA.  We love it!"

Watercylces Drain Water Heat Recovery
"Green Energy" product that attaches to your existing plumbing stack to re-heat the hot water to send back to your water heating source (ex: water heater). Virtually maintenance free and uses no energy to operate. This is an absolute favorite, and perfect for families and buildings looking for ways to increase energy without increasing operating costs.