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Air Conditioning Repairs & Installations:

RBA Mechanical is your source for comfort cooling systems for residential homes, commercial shops & businesses, facilities, pools, and much more.  We can install your air conditioning system any time during the year as installations are not season-specific. 

Cooling systems are available for radiant heated systems as well as forced air heated systems and include:
- Roof top units
- Central Air Systems
- Ductless Wall Mount Units from single zone to 4 zone applications

We complete all types of services to ensure your comfort during those hot, humid summer days.
- Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
- Leak Detection
- Cleaning & Inspections
- Repairs,  Replacements & New Installations

We use high grade, high efficent refrigerants & equipment that is energy-star rated and high quality copper tubing for every installation.  We recapture old, used refrigerant and properly dispose of it.   We use accurate and high quality test equipment to diagnose cooling problems and refrigerant leaks. 

Call RBA Mechanical now for all your comfort cooling needs. 

Payne  Air Conditioners

Payne equipment is very good quality product for a reasonable price. They're not overly too expensive like some other "name" brands, but definetly not a "cheap" product. Payne equipment is our favorite choice for the everyday budgets looking for a good quality  air conditioner.


Our Favorite Brand

Our Favorite Brand for Ductless Units is
ComfortStar Ductless Wall Mount A/C Units
ComfortStar mini split systems (wall mount units) are a good quality unit. ComfortStar units are available from single zone to 4 zone applications, which means you can have 1 to 4 indoor wall mount units with only 1 outdoor condensor. These are perfect for radiant heated homes, hydronic buildings, or any area where you want to add some cooling.

Replacements or New Installations?