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For Contractors

Did you know that RBA Mechanical has been serving Contractors like you for nearly 15 years? 

Yes, it's true, we work for you too.  We call it TeamWork.  Sometimes it just takes a good working Team to solve the toughest of problems and find the right solutions.

RBA Mechanical believes in good, clean business practices and fair competition.  But we know that sometimes, you just can't do it on your own, or you don't have all the know-how.  At the same time, you don't want to loose your Customer.  That's when good old fashioned Teamwork is needed.  Once you become a client of RBA Mechanical, we don't work for your Client, we work for YOU.  When you call us in to help, you will gain respect from your Client, not loose your client.  We all know that not everyone knows everything all the time.  With RBA Mechanical on your side, you don't have to "fake it" with your Client or have that fear of loosing your client.

RBA Mechanical does not solicite your Clientele because YOU are our Client.  We do not contact your Client, because YOU are our client.  All communication goes through YOU.  The only time we would ever require your Client's private information is for the completion of the Certified Backflow Prevention Reports, or for Permits.  This information goes directly onto the reports and is required by Epcor or the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

The most common types of work we do for our Contractor Clients include, but is not limited to:

- Backflow Prevention Testing & Repairs
- Control Systems
- Radiant Heat & Snow Melt Systems & Design
- Mechanical Diagnostics
- Boiler Startups
- Controls Installation & Calibration Service

We work for small, medium and large Plumbing & Heating, Mechanical, and Renovation Contractors.

You will have the same privileges as all clients and contractors, including full access to our Customers Only section.

So go ahead, and give us a call